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Firefox Extensions

Extensions for Firefox are awesome. They're part of what makes Firefox great. Here are some of the best that I have found:

  • Tab Mix Plus - Includes a ton of options and settings for how tabs and tabbed browsing operate. This is definitely better than the previous best extension for tabs, Tabbrowser Preferences.
  • Google Browser Sync - Allows you to tie certain browser-specific user information, e.g., cookies, history, bookmarks, saved passwords, and sessions, to your Google Account. You can then sync any (Firefox) browser on any machine using your Google login. Thus, you can maintain the exact same list of bookmarks (and their folder structure) with very little effort. I love this one (although, I admit, all I use it for is the bookmarks). Think of it as logging in to your browser the same way you log into a specific computer - all your preferences come with you no matter what machine you're using.
  • Image Toolbar - This extension gives you an IE style image toolbar when you hover over an image. The settings are fairly customizable. This one is quite handy.
  • Download Manager Tweak - Gives you options such as loading the Download Manager in the sidebar or in another tab. Very nice if you do a lot of downloading since the standard Download Manager is so annoying.
  • All-In-One Sidebar - While I don't find this one all that useful, I can see how it would be wonderful to anyone who uses the sidebar for more than one thing. I really only use the sidebar for bookmarks, but this extension allows you to change the content of the sidebar (between, for example, bookmarks, history, download manager, extensions window, page properties, etc.) simply by clicking one of the small icons it places next to the sidebar. Apparently, this mimics Opera's sidebar quite a bit.

If you know of any other really good ones, let me know.

The World's Funniest Joke

Despite the assertions of Monty Python's "The Funniest Joke in the World", one can safely read the World's Funniest Joke. There is an official World's Funniest Joke, you ask. Yes, as a matter of fact, someone spent the time to do the research and has declared a World's Funniest Joke.

Another Crazy iPod Accessory

While the last post concerning iPods was interesting, thing one goes one step further. iCarta is an iPod docking station that includes a fold-out toilet paper holder. Yep, you got it, you can now bring your iPod to the bathroom and enjoy your music collection with quality speakers and without taking up too much room (you need a toilet paper holder anyway).

Lunar Power

There is a growing initiative to develop renewable energy sources that are essentially lunar power. The various methods would harness tidal energy to generate electricity. For example, turbines can be placed at the bottom of rivers and other bodies of water that experience periodic tides. The movement of the water would generate electricity in the same way that wind turbines do. There are also several other interesting methods under development. The nice thing about tidal power is it generates more power than wind (since water is denser than air) and it is more predictable.


Those crazy . . . . . . Northern English????

60% of Japanese computer games are designed in Northern England.

I'm Back!

(And, more importantly, married :-))