McDonald's Coffee Beats Starbucks'

It seems that Consumer Reports ran a taste test and McDonald's beat Starbucks in terms of Coffee taste. McDonald's coffee was "decent and moderately strong. Although it lacked the subtle top notes needed to make it rise and shine, it had no flaws."

Starbucks' coffee "was strong, but burnt and bitter enough to make your eyes water instead of open.”

Biggest Living Thing

A 2,200 acre sized fungus that is about 2,400 years old.

Prehistoric Looking Shark

Oldest woman in the world

A Quebec woman, Winnifred Bertrand, believed to be the world's oldest person has reportedly died at the age of 115 and 124 days, according to Radio-Canada.


Now that Blogger finally supports tags (which they call labels), I have been going back and tagging a lot of previous posts. I will also be tagging future posts so that people can find related articles just by clicking on a tag.

Follow-up Solar Energy

As a follow-up to my post "Cool New Solar Energy Idea", Dane has led me to Stirling Energy Systems Inc., a company which seems to be already manufacturing such devices.

Really Big Diamond

And you thought the Star of Africa was big.